Establishing your business on Twitter can seem daunting, especially when you are just getting started. Working out just who you should be interacting with is a challenge in itself, so we’ll pick 2 – customers and industry figures, and concentrate on one… industry figures.

Depending on the actual industry you are in, this could be just about any individual, or any company that has a link to your business.

Celebrities and sports people who share an interest are always worth following and interacting with occasionally with a retweet or a comment. Sometimes those little interactions can lead to larger exposure, but you will need to strike a balance between being friendly and coming across as a star struck fan!

Again, depending on the industry, there may be TV programs that have an affinity with what you do. They will quite likely have a large audience following their Twitter account, so following them would be a risk free benefit to you.

Get to know your suppliers and manufacturers through Twitter too. As well as having an alternative way to communicate, you might find out news they ONLY share on social media. And having a direct line to those companies can help you serve your customers better.

Without having to post very much yourself, you can go on a journey across Twitter and find multiple businesses and individuals who you can form mini Twitter relationships with. And while you might not be promoting your business directly, you will certainly be leaving your thoughts in places that will get you noticed.