Micro services are small, single functions that could be developed as part of bigger application development or website projects – their purpose is to handle one specific task, possibly at a regular interval.

As they tend to serve one or two purposes, it’s quite common for an application to contain a collection of micro services to provide a complete end solution. You may have a requirement to connect a few different services together. There may be commercial systems out there that provide a generic connection, but you may have very specific specific requirements.

More often than not, during our conversations, our clients may not specifically know what the possibilities are, or may not even know that there is a challenge in the first place. Over the years, we’ve developed solutions that touch most parts of business’ operations.

A few examples of our solutions that have been developed as part of bigger applications are below:

Bank Reconcile

Take an example of a recent service we’ve developed for one our clients. This particular client receives hundreds of credit card payments daily – over the phone or online. Each day when the funds are deposited to the client’s bank account from the Payment Gateway, the values had to be manually reconciled into the accounts package. The margin for error was huge and the sheer length of time taken to complete the task – daily – was massive. We developed a solution that automatically posts the transactions, pays off each invoice and reconciles a single value.


As part of continuing developments for a growing commercial plumbing organisation, we were tasked with allowing engineers to add their working time for each project they worked on, using a mobile phone. This nice additional to the work management system – at the core of the operation – reduces error and administration time from the central admin team.

Regulatory News

Providing regulatory news to existing and potential shareholders is a fundamental requirement for Public Listed Companies, so presentation of this information on the corporate Investors’ website in a timely manner is of paramount importance. In this particular case, we developed a solution that consumes an XML feed and generates website articles with automatic categorisation – each news article self-publishes to the front-end of the website.

23ccc can develop bespoke micro services or call upon a range of other solutions to solve your particular requirements.

If you would like to discuss any potential solutions in more detail, find out how to contact us here.