Your website or application project requires a hosting provision to keep it running. Depending on the type, scale and commercial requirements of your project, 23ccc can provide a range of hosting solutions from anywhere around the globe.

Shared Hosting

For websites that have a relatively low volume of traffic, our shared hosting platform allows your website is sharing servers with other websites, reducing the cost. By far the most cost-effective solution – perhaps with a compromise on performance depending on setup, but not that it should cause any issues.

Virtual Machines

You may have a requirement to run a more powerful Virtual Machine which is scaleable in terms of processing power, memory and drive space. Virtual Machines are extremely versatile and can be configured in a flexible manner depending on the requirements. Virtual machines can be connected to a private network for greater flexibility across machines.

Public or Private Cloud

At the higher end of the server scale is private cloud, where you have an allocated amount of CPU, memory and volume space. Through the use of the inbuilt network, the cloud can be configured to build a collection of servers which interact which each other and serve a specific purpose.

Within any of the above server provision, there are other configurable options and features such as load balancing. Whatever your project – we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Domain names

23ccc provide domain name registration and renewals for our clients too, with options of different DNS services depending on requirements.