Website design and development

Your website is possibly one of the most important opportunities to showcase your offering to your audience in a way that they feel comfortable choosing your service, your product or your brand. Quite often it’s the very first glimpse someone has into your world. 

Your website is a stage which should effectively present what you do, the products you sell, or provide information to the visitor. There are many different types of websites, ranging from simple information sites through to medium and complex e-commerce solutions.

Some websites enjoy a high volume of traffic, perhaps selling thousands of product lines. Some websites may have a handful of visitors a day, or per week – they are equally valuable – either way you site should be planned considering the amount of visitors you expect to receive.

Focus: Expedeon

23ccc have been working with Expedeon since the late 2000s  working on various web development projects for their scientific Cambridge-based business. The latest incarnation of their e-commerce website was launched with much fanfare early in 2018.

What we offer

Website design and development has been at the heart of 23ccc’s offering since we opened our doors 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to work on new websites, website redesigns and adding additional functionality to existing websites.

We’ve worked, and continue to work with, publishing companies, retailers, artists, scientific organisations, companies that offer professional services, some with hundreds of employees, some with less that five.

We can work with you to formulate a plan to create your website presence that works hard to fulfil its primary aim.

Types of sites we’ve been working on:

  • Micro-sites
  • Magazine sites
  • News
  • Lifestyle
  • E-commerce
  • Porfolio
  • Business
  • Events and bookings

We have experience developing websites using a variety of methods. The popular CMS platform ‘Wordpress’ is our natural choice for the majority of website projects. However we also develop bespoke solutions and can relatively easily adapt to other platforms.

We are also able to develop integrations and connections to other third-party services to supercharge your site with content or information from other systems.

Focus: Mobility for You

Mobility for You specialise in mobility equipment for people with a wide range of additional needs. When purchasing wheelchairs and aids, the customer must make an informed decision – this website is designed to provide a wide range of information to help them with their choices.


Things to consider

You should also think about who your website is aimed at – what’s the demographic? Where will they be visiting your site? From their mobile devices? Desktops? How will they get in touch with you? What’s the message and what’s the goal? Some website encourage people to call, send an enquiry, or sign-up for more information. Some sites sell products directly.

Next – how are people going to find out about your site? Social messages? Advertising, content marketing or word of mouth? It’s important to think about how you will promote your website. You may already have some website statistics and know where your users are coming from, together with visitor numbers. This is all vital for benchmarking how effective a new site is.

Together, we should be thinking about all of the elements above before developing a new website.


Each website has unique requirements. Each website will require some form of hosting – that serves the website to the visitors. Some websites will quite happily require a shared hosting platforms, by far the most cost effective options.

For websites that require more power, speed or specialist services, we provide a range of hosting options, which may include Virtual Machines or Dedicated Servers.

For more information, please see the options available in our Servers & Hosting section.

Maintenance and support

Some more complex website projects may require a higher level of ongoing support and maintenance – you can find out more information in the Support section

If you would like to discuss any potential solutions in more detail, find out how to contact us here.