Website development and web application projects are very robust, but there are occasions where support and maintenance may be required. Perhaps a little help to achieve something and make some tweaks. Unfortunately, even though we plan to minimise any disruption, sometimes the inevitable can happen.

Some elements of our projects may require regular maintenance, updates or housekeeping – we endeavour to explain these in the outset. Website projects – specifically WordPress – may require regular updates to ensure the integrity of the platform is maintained. You are more than welcome to handle these yourself. We’re more than happy to help and support these situations too.

We handle support in two different ways:

Support Agreements

For larger projects, we may enter into a support agreement with our clients based on an expectation of support levels in a specific time frame. It’s important to mention that we strive to always resolve a support request as soon as possible. With an agreement, we would recommend an agreement to be paid on a monthly basis.

Adhoc Support

For general support enquiries and help outside the scope of an agreement, we provide our help based on our hourly rate which would be paid either monthly of quarterly.

We would discuss the options early on the scoping stage of the project.

Anybody looking for help can find out the best ways to contact us here or email