When it comes to deciding what to post on your business Facebook Page, it’s important to remember one thing – you are the expert. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, style hair, repair walls or even develop websites, compared to people outside of your industry, you are an expert.

Your knowledge is a perfect way to establish yourself online as a person or company who can provide the things that other people want or need, but the question is, what is the best way to do that with a Facebook Page?

Here are three ways to show your expertise while providing the people who see your posts with some informative entertainment:

  1. Create posts on your Facebook Page linking to the things you use in your business.

If you are a fitness instructor, you could link to the equipment you use in your classes showing the quality of the items. Maybe you are a writer, so link out to your previous work allowing people to see just how great your writing is. Perhaps you are a coach, you could link to the materials you use to create your bespoke training programs. While people will be able to see your sources, they will still need you to use your expertise to create a solution for their need.

  1. Create posts on your Facebook Page that showcase your work with images.

Using before and after shots that highlight your work are a great way to show why you should be the business someone chooses. A beautician can very effectively demonstrate their skills with before and after pictures of a client’s nails, or restyled hair.  A clothes shop can remind their customers that they are in touch with the latest fashion trends by posting pictures of their newest range of clothing. Regardless of what type of business you have, posting pictures of you and the employees of the company is a great way for your customers to see the faces behind the scenes.

  1. Create posts on your Facebook Page using videos that answer questions your customers have.

Something that has become very popular recently is the how-to video. It is a very simple and effective way for businesses to create content where they can show off their expertise by telling people exactly how to solve their problems. Although this might seem like a crazy thing to do, it will improve your reputation because your customers can see you really do have the knowledge they need. A mechanic who makes a video about changing an air filter provides all the information someone will need to do the job, but the mechanic has the tools and parts to actually complete the job. Likewise, a cake decorator could share a video explaining how to make that ladybird birthday cake, but it doesn’t mean everyone will have the skill or the resources to recreate that in their kitchen. While the purpose of these videos might appear to be letting your business secrets known to the world, in reality most of the people that watch will never attempt to recreate what you do. They will be more inclined to contact the expert.

Creating posts on Facebook does not have to be about promotion all the time. Remembering why people use Facebook is important. They are there to be entertained, to pass some time, and to discover things that they like. Creating posts that entertain and/or inform people by using your expertise is a great way to improve your social media presence.