It is important to remember why Facebook was created over a decade ago – it was to connect people from different universities. Throughout that time, the main objective for users of Facebook has remained the same – to connect with people, to allow people to socialize in a virtual world.

Facebook is now a place people go to be entertained and informed with the posts, images and videos that are shared on the site.

More recently, Facebook has allowed businesses to begin to do the same thing – connect themselves to their customers.

This gives a unique opportunity for a business of any size to be able to talk about not only the products and services they sell, but also to share their expertise, and allow the people who view their content to know that they can trust a company, because they can see exactly what the company can do.

Take a landscape gardener showcasing before and after shots of the properties they have converted, or a plumber sharing a video about unblocking a sink, or an accountant explaining exactly what you need to provide for your end of year tax return.

While this type of content isn’t trying to sell a product or service, it does give people looking for those things some valuable information. If posts like these are shared regularly on a Facebook Page, it will grow brand awareness, and improve the trust between a company, and the customers that need their services.