Do you shop online? Are you a member of a club or organization? Have you subscribed to a website? The answer for most people is that they can answer yes to at least one of those questions. Probably all in some form. But why is that important?

Well, it’s important because you are interested in something, you want to be kept informed, and you want to know the latest news. And whether that’s just what has been going on recently, upcoming dates for events you might like to attend, or special offers you’d be crazy to miss, all we have to do these days is give away our email address in exchange for those things we want.

Much like all of those emails you see arriving in your inbox daily, your business can use that same approach to gather email addresses from your customers and keep them up to date with the information you think they need to know.

So how do you get to speak to your customers and end up with your info in their inbox? The first step is to ensure that your website has a form that people can add their email address to! You might have a ‘Contact’ page on your site, but this is really for enquiries. Adding another page, or at least a place on your Home page where a visitor can sign up to get your news is vital.

Consider adding a form to capture your customers email addresses – it is a cost-effective way of using your marketing budget to keep your business in the minds of your customers.

Make sure you explain exactly what the person will receive when they have signed up on your site, and schedule an automated reply that the visitor will receive as soon as they click submit. With the right guidance from your webhost, this is an achievable addition to your site that can be done quickly.