Rutland Remembers: an update

Mon, 30th November '15

As quoted by Rutland Remembers, one of the main aims of Rutland Remembers is for the grave and memorial of every man and woman from the county to be visited before November 2018. Thanks to all of you, we can reveal today that more than half of those Rutlanders have now been visited everywhere they are remembered, both back here in England and where they died.

About the project

Rutland Remembers is a tribute to the hundreds of men - and three women - who joined up to fight in the First World War - and subsequently lost their lives. Most were killed in battle. Their graves lie wherever the war was fought - in France and Belgium, at Gallipoli, in Iraq and Greece and in 14 other countries as well. Others succumbed to disease or came home badly injured and died of their wounds, in some cases many months after the war was over. Many of these are buried in Rutland churchyards.