Comex 2000 approached 23ccc initially to redevelop their website, since then we have gone on to develop a new, responsive website, and have also developed their bespoke, web-based back office system, that manages jobs, staff leave, integration with payroll, and much more.

Our fast-expanding client’s requirements to track every asset within the business led to 23ccc being tasked with developing a bespoke web-based application to keep track of everything from a screwdriver to a tipper truck.

So now, not only will they be able to keep track of where each asset is located, but additional functionality allows them to keep track of actions, asset history, audit and handover to employees.

Comex 2000 has established itself as a major strategic partner of choice when it comes to networking and communications, within both the commercial and residential sector. They are now one of Virgin Media’s preferred contract partners. Read their story.