We launch the year with a web development project close to our hearts, working with Rutland Remembers.

Over 90 Rutlanders lost their lives in the battle, and are commemorated in graveyards, cemeteries and monuments both at home and abroad.

Here at 23ccc we developed an interactive map, to show daily what was happening in the battle and the lives lost at each stage. As  you progress through the timeline, it becomes ever more apparent how bloody this battle really was.

Explore the timeline here.

The Rutland Remembers website is dedicated to the men – and three women – from England’s smallest County who served and died in the First World War. With the help of our users, our aim is to learn more about their lives and to visit their graves and memorials wherever they may be. To date, of the 648 Fallen Rutlanders of the First World War, 642 have been visited across 336 locations worldwide.