One of the most important jobs that a website does, is to provide a visitor with a way to directly reach a business. They have come to the site for a reason, and whether that is to make a purchase, or to make an enquiry, there needs to be a straightforward way to enable them to do that.

As well as having your phone number, email address and location on your site, it is a great idea to have a small form for visitors to fill out should they want to make a request, because sometimes going to the email app, or making a phone call is just a couple of clicks too far. We won’t even go onto the effort it takes to actually visit somewhere…

So where can one of these contact forms live on your website then? A great place to have one is on the contact page! An additional section with the other business contact details is a great way. But there are a few locations you could consider:

  1. In your site header. Having a form right at the top of the page makes it practically impossible to miss. Visitors will know exactly where they need to go to get in touch. And if you don’t want that form appearing near your logo and navigation in every page, then you could…
  2. Have a contact form at the bottom of your pages. This is a more subtle way of adding the ability for a visitor to contact you and works particularly well if they have just read something that really resonates with them – they can just go straight from reading to contacting. But if they miss that then consider
  3. A pop-up. While they have a bad reputation thanks to spammy websites not letting you leave before clicking through dozens of boxes that spring up from nowhere, a well-designed pop-up that does not get in the way of a users experience on your site can be extremely effective when getting people to contact your business.

If you want to use your website to attract more enquiries and leads to your business, consider adding a contact form to your site. And if you already have a contact form, then you might want to think about other areas of your site, and if another form might increase the number of times you are contacted.

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