We all know that the way we buy things has changed. The evolution from buying everything from brick and mortar shops, to visiting a website and clicking ‘buy’ has happened. And while both live side by side at the moment, the pace in which the internet has moved shopping away from the high street is rapid, to say the least.

Companies who have diversified their business model to include having a website where visitors can purchase products, rather than just look at them are finding that they are able to continue to operate successfully, if a little differently. However, those companies that have chosen to hope that ecommerce is just a fad have seen competitors take some of their market share, and in some instances new companies coming into the industry and removing the need for their stores altogether.

Web development agencies can now add a storefront to your website, allowing customers to browse your inventory, and make their purchases securely. Everyone knows about Amazon and Ebay, and whether it’s clothes, or DIY, or sports, or something for the home or even your weekly shopping, all of the major companies now have well established websites geared up for ecommerce, allowing their website visitors to buy without having to visit their stores.

But it isn’t just Tesco, B&Q and Sports Direct that can benefit. Any company selling a physical product can add an ecommerce section to their site. And while the basic selling of a product online is a clear benefit for the business owner, the ecommerce application can also be extended to include order tracking, payment processing and inventory levels. Sites can calculate taxes and shipping costs based on locations of buyers, and the picking lists, invoices and receipts can be generated for a more complete solution.

As web developers, we have implemented these changes to our clients sites, and we have also built specific ecommerce stores to help businesses diversify and grow their sales.

If you have a products to sell, or services to offer, it has never been more straight forward to do.

There are options out there to suit all businesses, your web developer will be able to talk you through the options available to give you the ecommerce store best suited for your business.