We have worked alongside the team at Local Living for many years and produced their first interactive website back in 2009. Since then it evolved into a large all-encompassing website for their four publications – Stamford Living, Rutland Living, Nene Valley Living and North Norfolk Living.

In 2013 it was acknowledged that the website was possibly too large and the way in which people interact with the publications has very much changed in the growth of social media. It was decided that it would be better to embrace this intereactivity and launch websites for each individual publications, concentrating on the social media side and showcasing the magazines.

The brief:

“The goal of this website is to broaden and deepen the appeal of our main product (the monthly print version) with all sorts of real time local feeds in order to raise awareness about all the great things going on in our town and to raise activity levels. It will help our advertisers get their messages across more rapidly, and promote real time deals.”

We hope you are as pleased as we all are with the end results:

North Norfolk Living will be moving over into the new format in January 2014, however you can still visit the current website here: