Had a bit of a catch up with a client last week and an interesting conversation about Twitter and all who sail in her.

We were remarking on how the use of it has changed. I barely tweet, but am always on Twitter, permanently in fact. If something happens in the world, or even locally, I use the search function to see what is going on. Our client on the other hand, tweets a lot, gets tonnes of retweets and favourites – the latter being an interesting topic for discussion. It seems ‘favourites’ is not necessarily the correct term anymore, it’s more like ‘save for later’ or a ‘reminder’. He remarked how ‘people favourite the strangest of tweets’.

I looked into mine…

@jlballinteriors  Feb 5
Here’s an interesting one for you. RT if you have used a phone directory in the last 12 months, favourite if you have not…

@GuardianTravel  Dec 4
Christmas gift guide: 10 of the best maps http://gu.com/p/3kpjh/tf 

@qikipedia  Nov 4
This quite interesting infographic shows the 10 main companies filling supermarket shelves:pic.twitter.com/ZZZmOPDO3n

@TwiningsTeaUK  Oct 28
What a morning! pic.twitter.com/kLxzNprvc2

@OldPostcards  Oct 18
Locals from #Stamford all lined up in the 1920s #Lincolnshire http://on.fb.me/1khbn2c

@SallyDailyEcho  Sep 5

Wondering what that huge structure is at Pier Approach?Its the Amococo Luminarium. Worth a visit! @Bournemouthecho pic.twitter.com/rAB7VITDCF

…Sums me up. Loves maps, loves tea, loves Mary Poppins, loves Bournemouth, loves Stamford.